27.10.2016 – Barrow Wight – Kings in Saurons Service CD/MC

Sons of Iniquity – 7″ EP

Vinyl release of the fast sold out 2016 demo tape. Two tracks of hellenic heavy metal power!

Released in conspiracy with HMH Records

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Torpedo – Flaming Steel Attack Cassette

Torpedo bring their second deadly strike of street fighting heavy metal!

Dan Deathbanger – Vox, Strings & Leads
Will Spectre – Drums, Leads & Vox

Artwork by German Sword

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Ironhawk – Cemetery of Steel Cassette

Since their 2014 demo ‘Boozehounds from Hell’, Ironhawk have been rigorously refining their sound by playing countless shows around Australia and touring in South East Asia. The result is the brand new studio recording ‘Cemetery of Steel E.P’, which captures the raw and violent sound the band have spent three years developing on the live front. This steel is forged in the fires of early Bathory, Inepsy, Motorhead, and Amebix.

Artwork by Daniel Shaw
Mixed by Will Spectre
Mastered by Patrick Engel

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Whipper – Into the Obscure Cassette

Hailing from a grimy dungeon somewhere in Germany, Whipper play a murderous brand of bursting speed metal hell. Into the Obscure is an unrelenting attack from beginning to end and will leave you crippled and broken.

Cover depravity by Waning Gibbous Art

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TAROT live!

Recorded 18/11/16 at the Brisbane Hotel in Hobart

Picks of the Week

Visigoth – Final Spell CD

Visigoth from Salt Lake City, Utah play heavy, classic style power metal. To my ears this band is in the same vein as 90s US underground heavy metal bands like Twisted Tower Dire and Cauldron Born, putting a slightly more modern spin on the hymns of steel sung by gods of olde such Manowar, Jag Panzer, and Omen. After originally being released on cassette and LP (both of which are long sold out) Swords and Chains Records present this limited CD version.

Ares Kingdom – The Unburiable Dead CD

On The Unburiable Dead, Ares Kingdom bring a relentless death/thrash metal assault that tastefully combines technical musicianship with excellent, epic song writing. The album also features a crushing production that is as accomplished as the metal contained within it, and is a true a testament to how this style of music should sound.